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Marriage at STJW


This page explains how the sacrament of marriage is prepared for and celebrated at St. Joseph the Worker Parish. Here, you can find the proper information for the marriage preparation course, as well as the required fees and documentation needed for the marriage process.


Booking Dates for Weddings

It is the policy of the Archdiocese of Toronto that a couple meet with one of the parish priests at least one year in advance of the proposed date of marriage to ensure adequate time for marriage preparation. In the case of any previous marriage, no date may be set unless freedom to marry can be given.

Time for Weddings

Weddings may take place any day except Sunday. When you come to meet with the Pastor, you may consult with him about the availability of dates and times.

Marriage Preparation Course

Ordinarily, a couple must attend the marriage preparation course offered at  St. Joseph the Worker Parish in the fall.  If a couple is living together, or if one party has been previously married, special arrangements must be made with the priest.  The Catholic Church takes a serious interest in the future family life of every couple approaching the Sacrament of Marriage. If it is impossible to attend these sessions, the couple must work out another arrangement in consultation with the parish priest.

Required Fees

The following should be presented the evening of the rehearsal in separate envelopes, clearly marked.

Church Fee



$10 each

Documents Required

a.  Baptismal Certificates

Every Catholic being married must present a certificate of Baptism issued within six months before the marriage.  This certificate will probably include information concerning Confirmation.  If not, a certificate of Confirmation is also requested.

A non-Catholic, if baptized, must also obtain a record of Baptism. Photocopies of these are acceptable.

If one of the parties is from another parish or another diocese, discuss with the priest the need for testimonial letters that may have to be presented.

b.  Ontario Marriage License or Banns?

An application for an Ontario marriage license may be obtained at any Municipal Office in Ontario.  It is valid for three months.

c.  Certificate of Marriage Preparation

You will be given a certificate once your marriage preparation course is completed.

d.  Names and addresses of the signing witnesses

The parish office needs to know the names and addresses of the two signing witnesses.  They must be at least 18 years old but need not be Catholics.

e.  In case of a previous marriage

If a previous marriage existed and the former spouse is deceased, a certificate of death is required.

If there was a previous marriage and the former spouse is still living, a declaration of nullity from a Catholic Marriage Tribunal is required.  No date for marriage may be set until freedom of marriage has been established and documented by the Chancery of the Archdiocese.